Monday, September 12, 2011

That "H" Word

You flop down in your corner and begin to cry. You think, "That's it. I've had it." - But you don't know what to do.  You say, "Life is hopeless. Nothing will ever turn out right." - As something assures you that it will, indeed. You look up at the ceiling and cry "I can't even understand ME anymore!" - But one thought is sure.

This is something that, I think, every girl has done at one point in time. They must have, since "hormones" tend to be distributed evenly among the general populace of females. Girls everywhere are going through the same thing that you are, and are probably having the same amount of trouble with it. Thus, I think it must be addressed.

I have been in this situation p-l-e-n-t-y of times, dear friends, and as I spilled my troubled mind to mother, she calmly says the same sentence that I've heard so many times before: "It's hormones."

I know she's right - she has to be - there's no other explanation for being perfectly happy and wishing my life would always be the same one hour, then practically climbing the walls because it feels empty and purposeless the next.

But, I have come to grips - kind of - with the fact that I will be dealing with these spirals of doom for the rest of my life, and have found a few nuggets of light to throw on the pile of confusion.

Through all of this perilous spinning, there is still a mind that understands what you're going through. There's still someone who can tell you what to do and give you hope when nothing else seems to. Though everything seems to constantly change, there is someone who says "I am God and I change not." I've found that the most comforting voice during these times is His.

'Nuff said.

On the less spiritual side of things: One should take a walk every morning (or more, if your case is severe) because exercising causes a chemical known as "serotonin" to be released in your brain. This chemical calms you down and tends to clear your head.

I hope you'll take these two remedies to heart; they've definitely worked for me.

Do you have a remedy to share? An opinion? I'd like to hear them!


Zoë said...

I LOVE IT! You got it so right~
I think I am going to try that walk in the morning thing.

Missing you and your wisdom girl~


Anna said...

Yes, it really does help. (And for this girl who doesn't like to get up early, it wakes me up too.)

Missing you too! (Though I say it so much, it could just go without saying.) lol:)

Bailey said...

One thing I've found out is that the sense of CAN be controlled. But you actually have to deal with it.

And not by struggling and crying and getting frustrated and riding it like a pro bronco buster. That's not dealing with it.

It's by turning it - every itty bitty wittle bit of it - over to God. It's by fighting back, working through it, matching what your hormone-crazed brain says to what Scripture says. I sat on the driveway at midnight picking gravel and praying for a good long while, wrestling back and forth with this horrible feeling of dread.

But I faced it. And I conquered it....for the time being. ;o) It's so freeing to know our Savior is the Prince of Peace, and that we truly can cast all burdens on Him.

Even the teenage girl ones.

Anna said...

I'm thankful that God understands, and can help us with all of our trials. Thank you for your comment, Bailey. :)