Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Week Of Wondrous Happenings

Kathleen Eberhardt was baptized last weekend!!! Thank the Lord for His saving mercy. :)

This is Jenni Fehr and me at the special services (that her Dad preached)

We rode on a train. (Afterwards, not during the services.)

SEE! I told you! - Here we are on the train.

Our well mannered train drivers. And. Us.

But then... the most tragical thing happened.

It rained.


But we had fun anyway


'Tis fun to be ridiculous (sometimes). Hope this strange little post made your day happier... somehow. :)

P.S.   I wrote this a very long time ago so all of the dates are not correct. :)


Zoë said...

haha, missing u girl!

Anna said...

I miss you too! One of us has GOT to visit the other one sometime... (Well, not really..but it sure would be nice..) Love you!