Friday, August 26, 2011

Virginia's Bridal Shower {Yay!}

Yes! The day came at last... all the planning and emailing and shopping and calling and mailing finally scrambled together into a beautiful bridal shower (or so I'm told.)

The guests were delightful, as were the gifts

The food turned out great

Virginia was a happy and beautiful bride-to-be {!!!}

{The games were pretty cool too}

The decorations turned out beautifully

I hope everybody had fun!? NOTE: Those pictured were not the only guests.

My lovely Mamma, and Virginia's lovely Mamma :)

Sister Nola Ardnt's masterpiece was awesome. :)


And I learned a lesson or two. :)


Elisabeth said...

The chocolate cake looks so very good and the flowers on the table really stood out to me. Very pretty!

Isn't Sis. Nola the one with over 500 cookbooks?

Bailey said...

Anna, you talented thing, you! I so admire your beautiful "hostessing" skills -- how you love to plan and create and be hospitable and unique. You definitely have a gift for it.

It truly looks like a fun kick-off to the excitement of wedded bliss. :o)

Anna said...

Thank you, Bailey!

Sister Elisabeth: I'm not sure if she has over 500, but it wouldn't suprise me! :D Thanks.