Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pictures of BYC Camp

Creative title, eh? lol:) - Hope you enjoy this little sneak-peek.

Yours truly - far right, talking with friends outside the cabins


You can't really see us, but the threesome in the foreground happens to be Elizabeth Wallace, (click on the link to check out her blog!)  My Mom (in the peach blouse), and Me.

Me fixing my cousin's hair. (It is so cool to walk into the bathroom every morning and see at least three (sometimes up to twelve) girls doing their hair at the same time.) Ahh... So inspiring.

Some of my friends (most of them are sporting the camp tee-shirt). They were all staring up at the bathroom roof, upon which some poor creature had perished and lay unburied. Note: Zoe is the one in the ponytail. (Click on the link to view her blog)

Some of my family members that came down to see us.

Kara, playing volleyball (or, about to anyway.) :)

Samantha and my little sister Rebecca.

Me. I was actually fixing somebody's hair (probably Samantha's, but I'm not sure. I did quite a few hair-dos whilst I was there.)

The camp choir ..

The End!


~Grace said...

Like the pics!! oh and I couldn't of done better with the title myself! :) lol

Anna said...

:D Thanks, Grace. lol