Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Hair Salon: Hair Types

AHA: This subject has been buzzing around in my  head {for some reason} for a while.

First: An introduction.

I think there must be at least fifty hair types - hair is typically divided between straight and curly, and then further divided by stick straight and wavy....etc. (And then you've always got color variations.) But now, I'm interested in hearing what my "friends's" hair types are - I think it would prove interesting to all of us.

So I am opening a discussion as follows:

Is your hair straight or curly?

How long is your hair? (So I know what styles would be most "useable" to my blogging friends.)

Is your hair thick, medium or thin?

How do you do your hair most of the time?

What types of shampoo/conditioner work best on your hair?

{Please leave your answers in your comment.}


That's it! Have fun.


Bailey said...

You're not back from camp yet, are you?

Well, you're fairly acquainted with my mane, but I'll share anyway. ;o) My hair tends strongly to the straight side, but it certainly isn't stick straight. Right now it's up in lady bug ears (as my mum calls them) so I can't be quite sure, but I think it's a few inches past my waist. It's pretty thick, I guess. Mostly I part it to the side and leave it down or pull it back into a ponytail or (if Bethany hasn't taken all the bobby pins) twirl it up into a bun that falls out a few minutes later. As for shampoo and conditioner...anything that smells good works for me. :P

Bethany Grace said...

1. My hair is (for the most part) stick straight.

2. My hair is about two inches lower than waist length.

3. My hair is very thick. :)

4. A regular bun - - - normally very sloppy. :)

5. Ack - don't really know that one. :D