Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anna's Nutty News: Tips, Facts and Advice - From One Who Knows

1. It is amazing how bleach and water - when combined in a spray bottle - can turn a mildewed wall white.
2. It is easy to stitch up a hole in your quilt top in some instances.

3. Sewing a binding on a quilt is not nearly as hard as you think it is.

4. Never, ever begin french braiding your hair before brushing it out.

5. Always kill the spiders that you see in your closet even if they are tiny. (They tend to grow much larger and then make you scream when you catch sight of them.)

6. Always cut out sugar when you have a cold - you'll feel much better.

7. No matter how many times you brush your teeth after you've eaten sugar, your breath will smell bad. (Or at least, after one brushing, anyway.)

8. Brushing your ring with toothpaste is a cheap and easy way to keep it sparkling. (It really works. You should try it.)

9. Wisconsin's weather can get up to 90 degrees! Can you believe it?

10. Sandwiches with toothpicks holding them together look gourmet

11. Ninja in the park is SUPER fun.


Kara said...

Me thinketh your header is sawesome! :) Great job.

Hahahahahaha. Nice post.

Jenny said...

On #1 ~ Yes! I do this at camp in the main bathroom showers. It's quite effective.

On #11 ~ Would it be completely inappropriate for (ahem) a grown-up to play Ninja with you all in the park? It *does* look fun. = )

Bailey said...

LOL! Our toothpaste tastes like pickle juice, so I would be afraid to touch it to my ring. :D