Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anna's Nutty News: Helpful

I - as a member of the human race - enjoy laziness to some degree. There is, however, a point at which laziness becomes too much and one simply must find something useful to do before she goes crazy.

I am not to this point - as some of you might be suspecting that I am - but thought I could take a moment out of this day (that I would label "luxuriously filled with inspirational time") and talk about the blessings and benefits of being helpful around the house. (And other places as well.)

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To help myself be a helpful girl I've thought up an idea - thinking about that idea helped me to come up with a handy-dandy list of things that could be viewed as "helpful" around our house.

1. When taking a shower put the plug in. (When the water gets up to your ankles shut if off.)
2. When the siblings are fussing find something for them to do. (Or do something with them yourself.)
3. When everything is going nuts create a better atmosphere. (It works.)
4. Be reliable. (When your Mom or Dad asks you to do something, do it right. "As to the Lord and not to men.")
5. Make a meal once and a while.

This list could go on and on and on - so, finally, I just asked my Mom what would be the most helpful around the house. After a little thought, she replied that it is extremely helpful when someone takes it upon themselves to create the right atmosphere in our home. (Singing or playing the piano...being kind even when you don't feel like it...just letting Christ's life live through YOU...praising the Lord..) Also, when you find something that needs done - DO IT. Try to help when the siblings get into a tangle or someone needs a drink of water - etc. (Though try not to be bossy.)

So - taken from my Mom - I shall be working on the whole "helpful thing" for a while. - What about you?

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