Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I've Learned

This last week and two - no, wait, three days has been pretty crazy - and while I pondered my lack of sleep and my journal and the laundry (long story) I came to the conclusion that I have learned quite a few things during these past few days.

  • Time management is a MUST.
  • Car shows are more fun than they sound.
  • Laundry is a lot of work.
  • Negativity is not becoming to a Christian.
  • Cookie dough concrete mixers are very good, even when you don't think you can eat them.
  • We should appreciate our soldiers/vetrans. (Though this lesson is only reinforced. The reinforcement is due to a book that I read a few snatches of...)
  • You can make a lot of blog posts out of one week's events.
  • It's cold behind the cabin in Heritage Park.
  • I shall probably be posting about some of these things in the future.
What have you learned in your week? I find that if I take time to remember some/all of the lessons that I've learned I tend to remember them longer. (Or so I imagine.)


Zoƫ said...

Love your post! The picture is really neat..was the drink (can't tell what it is) good?

Missing U, Zoe

Kara said...

Herm. :) Interesting...

To the dear, Zoe. "that Drink" is a Culvers shake. If I'm not mistaken. :()