Monday, May 16, 2011

The Hair Salon: The Crown

Ack. It would appear that all of my pictures did not upload properly...and thus I only have half of the explanation I wanted to explain with. Enough said.
First, One must brush out her hair and part it as she desires.
Next, the said person should take a medium section of hair to the right of her part and divide it into two equal sections. One section should be twisted over the other, and then hair should be added to the piece of hair that is now on top....and then all that should be twisted over the hair that is on the "bottom" of the twist. Be sure to include ALL of your hair in this twist. (This is nearly the same as the "Tiara" hairstyle, if you need more directions.)

(The finished product won't look this messy.)
When you get this far, stop and (with one hand) bobby pin the twist so that it stays in while you braid the "tail" of hair that is still hanging out.

You will then use a scrunchy on the bottom of the braid - like so - and then pull the braid over the top front of your head, and push it under/behind the twist that you have already completed on the oposite side.

Us bobbypins wherever you need them, but try to hide them from veiw.

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Bailey said...

Oo! I like it!

Maria said...

Beautiful Anna! By the way, I'm back to blogging. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are an awesome hairstylest. I would count you a professional!