Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choosing or Being Led

For my History writing project last week, I was asked to write about an act of faith, the people involved with it, as well as the decisions, etc. I began thinking right away, sorting out my options. After exploring one option, only one other popped into my head – a true act of faith, a daunting road full of robbers and snares.  ‘Tis called: “Deciding to Stay at Home.”
I could start my little essay (that is actually two-pages long (congratulations if you plan on reading the whole thing) with many examples of this act of faith – using other’s examples. However, I want to make it personal and use my own.
I, as a few – if not all - of you already know, am only fourteen years old (to be fifteen this summer), but I have already begun the journey to “Staying at Home.” It wasn’t an incredibly hard decision for me to make since for most of my life, my Mom and Dad have been teaching me how staying at home lines up scripturally, and how to manage a home properly – as it is necessary to manage a home wherher you are part of the work force or a stay-at-home wife and mother. Some might call me “brain washed” if they were really against “Stay-At-Home-Women” but after you hear my story you can’t call me brain washed.
Before I was fourteen (twelve going up actually) I was all hyped over a medical career. I read books on the “field of medicine” that I wanted to enter and when I was old enough, my Mom even arranged my high-school curricula to include all of the subjects that I would need to enter college for this major. I was thinking and praying about it, and even reading books about it. I was completely enthused. My whole life seemed to be laid out ahead of me.
However, all through this period, I knew that first and foremost, a woman was created to be her husband’s help meet, and that if I were to get married before I had even started college, I would have to give my “dream” career up and “cleave to my husband.” (Yes. Young girls can know what’s right at an early age! ) There were several “fears” that I had.
1.       That it wasn’t God’s will for me to do this.  While doing my devotions one morning during this point in time, I came across a verse about staying at home that really popped out at me. I don’t remember what it was or I would give it to you. However, that morning I was strongly under the impression that it was God’s will for women to stay at home.

2.       That I couldn’t give it up. What if, after all this dreaming and planning, I went to school for the (literally) ten years that it would take before I could begin my practice and then God sent the right man, and I couldn’t give up everything that I had worked for?

3.       What would college do to me? I have heard several testimonials of what college can do to a person. Just as homeschool gives you a solid foundation for what you believe, college can lay a firm foundation for what the world believes. College can brainwash a person.

On the other hand, I had some “fears”,  as you might call them about staying at home, as well. One of which, is as follows:
1.       I’ll never amount to anything more than what I am now. As an observer of life, I had noticed that sons and daughters who do well in the world are praised by their parents. (A simple observation, I’ll admit.) Some sons and daughters do so well that more than just their parents are proud of them.  I thought that I would stay tucked away in my little house with my dishes and children and husband forever, and never set a mark on the world. Nobody could ever be proud of me like they might have been if I had “gone out” and done something.
Really, this was the only “fear” that I had on the “Staying At Home” side of things. I had seen God come through with his provision for my parents (who I live with, comfortably on one income) as far as bills and money etc. (Further vindication on the “Stay At Home” side.)  So I guess on this side of things, it was just a self-esteem issue.
What I was having trouble realizing though, I realize now. If God puts me somewhere, He puts me there for a reason. If I follow His leadership, I am not just an “insignificant” housewife, or businesswoman, or doctor,  I am the Daughter of the King doing my Father’s bidding. Nobody may ever recognize it, but I am.
Wherever He leads me, I want to follow.
Who knows what the King may want us to do? He could have some of us go to college and have a career, He could have some of us stay at home.  What if God is calling us to be a witness to someone in college?  What if we don’t meet our husbands on this side of life?
It is not a “must” to be a stay-at-home woman. It is a “must” (if you Love God and want to be successful) to follow His leading, give up whatever He asks you to give up, go wherever He wants you to go
Will you follow Him? Or have you made your decision.

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