Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Saturday

We did a lot of biking today! Kara and I rode to the Dollar Store for Hershey's Kisses (in order to make Peanut-Butter-Blossom cookies.) and Isaac joined us as we mounted our noble steeds again, a few hours later, in order to take pictures with Kara. (At the High School)

We have played volley-ball almost everyday this week thanks to the warm weather. :) My thumb felt like it was broken after our second session of the sport this evening. :P (A Kara-Served ball about 20 feet in the air...curving down into my range of bumping....SMACK. Ouch. *Walking around and shaking hand gingerly.*)

The day also included jump-rope, a few games of "Gypsies" (We use our imaginations and pretend that we're living in a Gypsy camp.) In which the neighbor came out on his back porch and looked at us a wee bit strangely. I think. Well, would you blame him?

I was marching up and down questioning suspect "Lurkey Adams" about who she was and what was her business? Isaac was waving a flag around and protesting to his going and escorting Miss Lurkey Adams to the ''prison" tent. (Also: We were all dressed up to fit our parts in the "Gypsy Camp" - that seemed to have turned "Army" for this particular game.) Somehow miss Lurkey Adams transformed into the Drill Sergeant who ordered us to "Tench Hut!" (or however you spell that) and asked to hear my "battle cry." I squeaked miserably in the hopes of not startling the neighbor (more like, not to further embarrass myself).... and yeah.


OH. I quilted with Kara as well....and Dad went fishing (after attending to some pastoral duties) and Mom has been doing quite a few things, and is now in the process of sewing a denim skirt.) ... And Becca has been tagging along with Kara, Isaac and I for most of the day. :)

(Did I tell ya'll that I "love" run-on-sentences?)

Happy Saturday!


Bailey said...

That photo of you and Bekah melted my heart. You look so happy.

I love little sisters.


When we were younger (and horse obsessed), we named our bikes horse names and took them galloping almost daily. It was the closest thing to an Arabian that I ever got...or ever will get, to be perfectly honest with myself.

Good ol' volleyball. You're lucky that Kara-served ball didn't do worse damage. She's got a wickedly awesome kill, there.

Bailey said...

Oh! And I love you and miss you! *HUGS*

Bethany said...

That picture of you and Becca. Priceless. :)

Sounds like fun - - Bailey can tell you all about our bike ride. *coughs* Yours truly was trailing a mile behind, sticking to the excuse of flat tires, and the depression of losing my ring. It has yet to be found.

Zoe said...

Hahahaha!! Love it :)

Anna said...

ACK! I feel your pain Bethany. I've lost my ring a couple times..and I know the feeling. :( Praying that you find it!

Thanks Bayleaf. I love and miss you too. :)

And Thank you Zoe. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.