Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Entry Three: The Dress Episode

Okay, Ladies and...well, I guess we're just "Ladies." :D) This is my cousin Martha Skaggs who lives in Montana with her three brothers, (and obviously) Dad and Mom.

      "I have been sewing for about eight years or so and about a year ago, My cousin got married! She asked me to do the music during the ceremony, which as most of you know, consists of playing the bridal march (which didn't exactly go as planned :) and singing a song of her choice (all the time looking like a nice ripe tomato lol) and then the recessional and of course not letting everyone get bored once the bride and groom leave! But anyway - back to my story.

     I decided to make my dress instead of buying it. First off because I had no money, and second because she wanted it to look a certain way and be a certain color so I didnt feel like searching through millions of stores! So my mom and I went to Joann's and bought the material, pattern and all the necesary trimmings.

     The Material was a deep blue silk/satin mix.. If you sew, you can imagine how hard it is to work with that type of material! Anyway, we brought it home and I started cutting out the pattern and I double-checked all the numbers and sizes and made sure that I had everything right, then cut it all out. I was so excited and so proud of myself for getting that much done by myself so that the next time I met my sewing teacher we could get started sewing right away!!

     We started into it and everything seemed to be going relatively well! Finally, we had the lining put on and the hem was finished! All that was left to do was attach the bodice to the skirt! I was so happy that all was coming together until........ I went to try on the bodice... then I realized that I had made a HUGE mistake.. I had cut out a size 10 bodice and I am a size 16.. quite a difference there! So I sadly started on a new bodice.. thankfully I still had plenty of material! (Thanks to my Mom who thought ahead.) lol We had to make a few changes to the skirt then because of the sizing we had done previously but we eventually finished the dress. Thinking the dress was FINALLY finished, I packed it up and we flew out to Ohio for the wedding.

     Well, when we got there and I pulled out the dress to show my Gramma....she saw the hem.. and we then found out that it was not the proper hem for that type of dress or material.. so we proceeded to rip out all of the hem and put in the proper one. Now this may not sound so bad in itself but when you take into account that this was only ONE WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING! lol we were all a little nervous.. but it all got done in time and I found my shoes and the wedding went as planned without anything major going wrong :) (And I even won a competition with the dress and got to go to state and made it into the top ten!)"


Anonymous said...

Wow Marth! Your dress was absolutly beautiful, but I had no idea all of that happened! Your song was amazing too, and you did a very good job on the piano! love, Mamph

Kara said...

Poor Marthie! : ) Glad it got finished though!

Anna said...

:D Congrats on finishing Martha! I've had almost the same number of problems with just a SKIRT! :P Good job, wonderful cousin of mine. :) Love ya!