Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hair Salon: Fancy

Okay friendies, just so ya know, I am not a fan of Taylor Swift. I just like to learn how to do fancy hair-dos and saw this video on someone's blog. (Farmgirl's actually.)


Bayleaf: (since you wanted to know how I did the hair-do in "The Hair Salon: Recent Adventures") this video pretty much shows you how I did the hair-do that you wanted to see. I just didn't use a curling iron, - and a few things like that.

Please let me know how it goes if you try it!


Erin said...

I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift either, but I do *love* this hairstyle. I have watched the music video multiple times trying to figure out how to do it...thanks for sharing this video!

Anna said...

Erin, thou art totally welcome. :) It's a neat hair-do - I hope you have fun with it!