Thursday, February 24, 2011

Entry Two: Cake Disaster

This is our dear friend (as many of us know her) Bethany Bergmann. Her blog address is if you'd like to stop by!

And now...... the Cake Disaster.

"It was one of those moments when my brilliance was put in the light. I do remember it was Sarah's birthday, I do not remember how old she was (I can barely remember how old she is now).
    "Anyways, my dear sister and I had the brilliant notion of baking the birthday cake. All by ourselves. It was nothing to boast about, one box of cake mix plus the extra ingredients. Everything was running smoothly. It couldn't have been better than Iron Chef. We were completely the Rachel Ray, cool and composed, smartly adding and stirring. (With an occaIsional, "Mom!")
    "We got out the pans and sprayed them with the cooking spray (after a rough time of getting the lid off). I do not know how our strange young brains were brainwashed, but when we poured the batter in one pan (roughly half of it) we agreed that the pan could fit more. We simply dumped the rest in. Mind you, they were 9 inch x 9 inch round cake pans.
    "Bailey put it in the oven. We set the timer. And then set to the task of cleaning up the kitchen and preparing for the birthday party.
    "After a while, a strange smell arose. Upon pressing our noses against the glass, to our utter horror, the baking pan had spilled to the bottom of the oven. Overflowing is a good way to put it.
    "A poor waste of chocolate cake and money. We pulled our disaster out and Mum was sent back to Wal Mart to go get another box of cake mix. I do believe we didn't make that one."


Anna said...

...And please forgive the spacing... :P

Excellent story Bethany. :)

Sarah Grace said...

Ohhh... Do you think I could do a story ? I have an excellent one right up my sleeve :)

Let me know !

Love , Sarah

Anonymous said...

Sarah: Initially you were only supposed to enter until last Sunday - but since this "story sharing" really doesn't have a "prize" and isn't a contest, I think it would be fine if you would like to send me a story. :) (I'd be very happy, actually!)

Lookin' forward to it! (Details about the "story sharing" is ....a few posts down. :D)


Bailey said...



And that's just in reference to those days where getting the lid off the cooking spray took a legion of Huns. So it seemed.

I don't think I was invited back to make the second cake. Bethany might have been allowed to stay. It was, as she has never let me forget, my fault, after all.

Anna said...

:D) At least you two were able to make the memory together. :)