Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Entry One: The Apple Pie Incident

This is my cousin Samantha Jane Skaggs, another special homemaker in training. She lives in Ohio with her three sisters and her parents. (Uncle Sam and Aunt Christie to me.) I hope you enjoy her account of a cooking mishap:
     " One of the best ways to get in the *Autumn mood* is baking! The sweet smell of fresh baked bread or zucchini bars is just the thing to get fall started. One day we were invited to the cousins and were asked to make an apple pie. I thought that it would be easier to make a pie crust than buy one from Kroger's.. (NOTE: That's like Walmart in Ohio.) and sadly I was very wrong.
      I still haven't figured out what went wrong, but I made the pie, baked it, took it to the cousins and... couldn't get it out of the pan. I must have not sprayed the pan well enough, or cut the crust too close and the insides exploded... and, yeah. We could not get all of the pie out. So we ate the burnt upper part and let the pan sit 3-4 days before all of it would come off.
     Several other things occurred while we were in our Fall baking mood that included our home-made pie crust. I learned that I am not at all a good pie maker and since then have not even attempted to make a pie- not even a crust."
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Kara said...

Aw, Poor Mamph! The pie "exploded" inside. Wow. that is strange.


Erin said...

lol That sounds exactly like something that would happen to me (mishap seems to follow me in the kitchen)! It was nice 'meeting' your cousin...please let her know that she is not alone. At 19, I have still not attempted to make my own pie crust. ;)

Anna said...

:D Okay Erin, will do. :) lol:) Let me know how your first pie crust goes! (When you do it...if you want to....I mean...uh...




Maria said...

Oh dear, Samantha! She sounds like me except I'm always cutting myself! I always burn things too. Anyways, glad to know I;m not the only one who messes things up!

Anna said...

:D) Yes...I am good friends with a thin kind of smoke that fills the kitchen from time to time. (Not VERY often though.) *sighs I know how that goes. (As you have probably read in other posts.) I love to cook though, the smoke, etc. just makes it more interesting.