Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Snack Idea

This is a wondrous, simple snack that can be "whipped up" in just a few minutes. Hope ya'll enjoy it!
  • Put one tortilla (whole grain or white...your choice.)  on top of another one and cut both of them as you would a pie, pizza, etc.
  • (Repeat util you have as many pieces as you need.)
  • Melt about three Tbls of butter in a skillet (but make SURE the skillet isn't hot enough to burn the butter.)
  • Fry your tortilla pieces in the butter until crunchy (you will probably need more butter - and canola oil would probably work better than butter, although that is what I used.)

Enjoy with your choice of salsa :)

Your chips won't look exactly like these....but this picture kinda captures the finished product.


Heather Young said...

i find this idea works much better with corn torillas and canola oil on medium hi heat.

Anna said...

Okay, Thanks! I'll have to try it that way! :)

Maria said...

Yum, those look so good! We've never tried that, I'm sure they are amazing though! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your snack was simply delicious. Enjoyed every bite!