Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anna's Nutty News: In Which the Post Script Is Longer Than the Letter

On December fifteenth, 2010 Blake Edwards, a notable Hollywood director and film writer passed away at the age of eight-eight years old.
He has written quite a few successful films such as the “Pink Panther” series, and other comedies – along with a few “serious” films. He is quoted of saying; “I developed a kind of eye for scenes that made me laugh -to take the pain away.”
Yes, Mr. Edwards was often depressed. What caused the depression? That, I must say, is none of my business.

Ps. Aside from this ridiculous, slightly informatory, chatty, possibly illuminating on a very small scale, post that means virtually nothing so far, there is a lesson that could possibly be linked up with these few scraps of information. What is it? – Take an ear.
As an actor, married to a successful actress, who had written many successful films, and directed (I presume) many successful films, in Hollywood (a place rather revered in today’s society) should have been happy – or so some would think. He had it made – making millions, being famous, etc. – right?
You know, this kind of a life is what the world calls “perfect.” To be a celebrity, to have a lot of money, maybe a big house…  But, look at this man. He was depressed?
The world, and the people in it today are sadly mistaken on what brings happiness – now, whether Blake Edwards was a “religious man” or not I do not know. The same as I don’t know what his goals and motives really were – I have only just heard of him, and that because of his death.  However, what I have found out, and written, should go to show us that there is only one thing that can make us truly happy, able to deal with the pain, and content. All the riches in the world wouldn’t be enough to fill the “hole” that only God can fill – the same goes for drinking, smoking, immorality, living for self - none of these things are big enough to fill the void.
With God, you can be a garbage man or a King and still have the same peace and happiness, help when the pain comes, strong arms to hold you when you can’t go any further in yourself. With God, all things are possible, with God, you’ll never die.  With God, there is peace and – I’ve found, contentment.
So, remember no matter how little or big you are in the world’s eyes, if you are walking with the Lord, you have the greatest treasure that the world has ever known, and are the son or daughter of the greatest King.

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Bailey said...

You know, "happiness" can never replace joy, which is found in Christ alone. Laughter can be a cover up for a whole host of problems...problems that prohibit joy until they are dissolved in God's grace.