Friday, December 24, 2010

Patience, Oh, Please!

I find that the virtue I lack the most is patience. Maybe I should be ashamed to say that - to let my whole blogging community know - but it's true. Might as well not hide it.

When my poor five year old sister lays in bed beside me, innocently relaying the story that we are listening to at that moment into my ears for the second time in three minutes (probably because she wants me to enjoy it just as much as she does)...


When my little brother still didn't remember to...


When the computer is "busy" for the second time that I've tried to get on it (I HAVE to stay on top of my blog and emails and facebook and stuff!! - Come ON!).... (No, I don't usually yell out loud. Just in my head. (Which is almost as bad.))

I'm slightly consoled with the knowledge that I'm probably not alone in my lacking of this particular virtue - although, even I, know that this isn't an excuse! God is patient, and I'm His daughter - expected to be patient by everyone who sees me, because my life proclaims the fact. (Hopefully.)

 "Lucky" for me, the question of "Where to find patience" already has an answer tacked onto it. I am being molded into His image, I know that patience will come, if I can just yield myself to Him.

But that's the hard part sometimes. Yielding my own wants and desires to God's wise and wonderful plan is not what the flesh wants to do. (Our impatient flesh is also selfish.) When it comes to handing over that busy schedule to "Seek first the kingdom of God" and pray until we've received what we need to get through the day isn't what the flesh wants to do. (By the way, there's another part of that passage that is important to remember "And all these things will be added unto you.") When the computer is still busy, we don't want to just let the other person have more time. When siblings get on the proverbial "nerves", we don't want to give of ourselves to help them.

God knows what's best.

Sometimes when I'm thinking of something that I want God to guide me through, something that I have to ask Him about, my thoughts run along this course; "I know I should, there will most likely be complications if I don't and I know He cares, but, I just don't want to wait for an answer."

If I ask Him, He'll answer, but I always wonder "How long will it be before I know?" God takes His time...but He's always right on time. Remember the situation betwixt the fiery furnace and the three Hebrew children? It seemed that God didn't come until the last second. Remember Abraham? Jacob?- who was out all night wrestling with the angel - waiting for something from God? (Where did that go? When was the last time any of us prayed and struggled through an entire night?)

What I find so wonderful about the questions that I come up with and the needs that I have, is that God is always ready, and has something ready for me. I may have to wait for it, but it always comes at the right time - His time.


Kara said...

Hm...I suppose all of us need to work on patience a bit...

Maria said...

Oh please, don't mention this troublesome virtue to me. Patience is so hard! I too struggle. I mean, it would be so much easier to have things NOW! Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Bailey said...

You didn't crack the overused, "Lord, give me patience...and give it to me NOW." Shame, shame for being original.

Patience really depends on whose time you're on. If I'm running on my time, the little child blabbing on about nothing is annoying. When I'm running on kindergarten time, the little child blabbing on about nothing is cute. When I'm running on God's time, the little child blabbing on about nothing is an opportunity to show His love.

We're not annoyed when things fit into our schedule. Maybe we need to adjust Whose time we're really on.

Elisabeth said...

Anna, What you wrote is so true. I just heard Bro. Branham say this morning on Hidden Life in Christ that we get too busy and we don't get still before God so that He can refresh us.

Prayer is so very important.


Anna said...

Thank you all!

Sister Elisabth - Thank you for your thoughtful comment, the quote that you mentioned is so important for us to remember. :) God Bless You!

Anna said...