Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just A Few Pictures

The First Deer of the season!

Being goofy at a sleep-over. (At Maria and Krista's House!) We stayed up very late and had incredably interesting conversations. :D Not to mention the great quantity of "reddi-whip" consumed that night.

A Yahtzee game with most of the Pyatskowit family. There was good food and fellowship before, and just fellowship and Yahtzee after. :) (Chicken soup ...with pie for dessert!)
Dad, the snow, and the snowblower. (Taken just this week.) Dad and I had a wonderful exercise experience in our wonderfully big driveway with the wonderful snow and the wonderful cold weather. :D


Anna said...

Note: These pictures were picked randomly...and really...are "Just Pictures." I plan to post a more ... hum ... un-random post sometime in the future. :D

Anonymous said...

The picture of you is, shall we say, hilarious! Nice pictures.

Kara said...
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Maria said...

Ha! We were so hyper! LOL, I love that picture of you! (Well, all are great really!) It was fun seeing you!