Thursday, December 2, 2010

Anna's Nutty News: LLB

I suppose all of us have, at least, heard of the children's book "Is Your Mama a Lama?" In which a baby lama goes around the "neighborhood" asking his different animal friends if their mamma's are lamas.

Lately, the question of "Is Your Mama A Lama" has come into my head with an altogether different twist on it.

Lama's are very good pack animals. They can work very hard, and do their work well; but when they get annoyed (or, in human cases, overwhelmed, dissatisfied, hurt, and tired) they tend to kick, spit, and not move at all. (In human cases, aka: yelling, grumbling, etc.)

Now, I'm not asking that you judge your mother's life to see if she is like a lama when she becomes tired. However, I am asking you to watch your own life, and determine if you become "lama like" when something goes amuck.

Most likely, if  you are disposed to Lamma-ish behavior now, you will still be disposed to Lamma-ish behavior when you become a mother - unless you can alter your habits now.

Just something to think on.

Ps. You know who can help you get over "lamma like behavior" don't you?


Anonymous said...

I will always think of this blog post when I read "Is Your Mama a Llama?" Love it. Hopefully, I do not exhibit "llama" characteristics too frequently.

Kara said...

Very nice!

Maria said...

Oh dear... that's tragic news for me! Although I try, sometimes I do resort to lama-like behavior! I really should change my ways! Great post!

Anna said...

:D Thanks Ladies!