Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving In Ohio

Our "Ohio" family is one of open arms, singing, loving, shouting (the joyful kind of shouts) and lot's of dessert. We have just gotten back from Thanksgiving with them.
As I have said, our family can also be considered "known" for its amazing quantity of desserts. I think there were actually more desserts at this particular Thanksgiving than their were "main course" foods.
What a smorgasboard there was too. Homemade noodles, (traditional "Ohioan" food) turkey, ham, chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn, salad, green bean casserole, rolls, cheezy potatoes, cranberry salad, several bags of chips, pretzel salad, pumpkin pie (made to fit a pizza pan) blackberry cobbler, dirt cake, two or three "trufles", pecan pie bars, apple pie, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake..... And there might be more, but I don't remember anything else. :D

As for the singing: This year, the aged electric piano decided that it had performed it's last gospel song, and died the day before Thanksgiving. Thus, Uncle Sam's guitar was put in as a filler. T'wasn't quite the same, but the songs still sounded beautiful due to Uncle Sam's amazing tallent for guitar playing. (Most of our Ohio family has gifts for music-making. Those who don't, sing anyway, and make a joyful noise.)

As for the shouting: First, most of the (very numerous) cousins that were in attendance went outside to play "Red Rover." The team captains took it upon themselves to scream encouragement to their teams (The whole town probably heard them). Echoing cries of "WE ARE A STRONG PEOPLE" and "WE EAT OUR BROCCOLI" "WE CAN DO THIS!" served to inspire the opposing lines of children. Meanwhile, inside the house, there was much shouting going on as well - by the adults this time. Someone had gotten out the "Pit" game, and the trading was vigorous - if not slightly harmful.

Leaving was a sad ordeal.... But we survived it.

Here's a video clip of my Mom, Aunt Abby, and Aunt Faith. The song is called "Consider the Lillies," I think.


Bailey said...

That video puts us Bergmann girls to shame. Wow.

Sounds like an AMAZING Thanksgiving! I want to be adopted into your family. :o))))

Anonymous said...

wE HAD A WONDERFUL tHANKSVIGING WITH ALMOST ALL OUR FAMILY. Five of our eight children were there, and lots of grandkids and some great grandchildren. Lots of food, love and wonderful memories.
Mamaw and papaw

Maria said...

Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!! Anna, do me a favor and don't let our secrets out! ;) just Kidding, we had so much fun today!

Anna said...

Bayleaf, you girls sing Beautifully!! (Notice the "B".)

Mammaw, Thanksgiving was SO much fun wasn't it? I love getting together with everyone. :)

Maria, it was fun on Friday/Saturday! No, let's not let any secrets out to the general public... that wouldst be dreadful. :D

Chloe~Jane said...

I just thought I would let you know that I love your blog, I find it so encouraging!
Love In Christ,
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