Monday, November 8, 2010

Saturday's Lesson

This morning I arose in the darkness - okay, it was actually light in our room, but dark outside. I could hear Mom downstairs, she must have been making breakfast. Dad was up and gathering "Ole Betsey" (No, no, I'm just kidding. We don't name our guns in this family) and getting ready to go. It was about 5:15 a.m.

I fixed my hair in a messy bun, gathered up my shopping supplies and dashed for my Dad's truck. I then threw my shopping supplies through the open door, thrust my arms through the sleeves of my coat and jumped in.

We stopped for gas in a little town called "Embarrass," kept going, until we hit the bigger town of "Shawano" and then turned aside to the allurement of "Bolt's Bakery" - the place where ALL Pyatskowit hunters have gotten their breakfasts at one point or another. However, I was not going hunting, so I got to eat my doughnut in the truck, on the way, while poor Dad and Kara waited patiently until it was time for a "snack" with all the Pyatskowit relatives, in the woods.

It was still dark when I finally reached my destination - Grandpa's house. As I jumped out of the truck with all my shopping necessities, Uncle Josh was putting his hunting necessities into his truck. I walked into the house - since grandchildren (that's me!!!) children, and any other sort of relative do not have to knock unless they have come because of a formal invitation or some other such thing - like a visit.

Inside, my Grandpa was packing up his hunting supplies as well. He told me to help myself to the "Kringle" on the table, chatted a bit, and then left - doubtless, for yet another truck....unless he was riding with my Dad or Uncle Josh.

I, delighted at finding the fire lit, with the flames casting a warm light throughout the room, settled down to read the Bible that I almost knew was on the end table.

When I was into the third or fourth chapter of reading, my grandmother came in to eat breakfast and start the day.  I had a little bit of Kringle - but only a little, since I had just eaten a "Nutty Persian" doughnut only a half hour before, and began writing a poem.... which she insisted on reading when I was my horror. She said it was wonderful...but I wasn't so sure.

She sent me outside to get the newspaper from the mailbox. I jogged there and back, with Pepper, the dog, trailing at my heals. As I looked through the trees by the driveway, I saw the most beautiful sunrise. ( As if any sunrise can look more beautiful than another). The cold, clean air, the trees, the pink, golden light - it gave one a sense of cleanliness (minus the fact that I needed to brush me teeth, and my mouth felt stale) purity, and enjoyment. It was so quiet, peaceful, serene.

Through all the hustle and bustle of this life, nature still holds steadily to its normal, beautiful course. Slow and steady wins the race. A tree doesn't worry about how tall it will grow, or a flower about what color it will be. A river doesn't get upset because it's late for an appointment. Yet, nature lives on, and God sees it, and takes care of it.

What do you think nature can teach us about our daily lives?


Kara said...

A very nice description of your Saturday morning. :D

Bailey said...

Beautiful. Very, very beautiful. You gave me shivers just reading it.

Shannon said...

Oh, your descriptive picture of the peacful sunrise amist the chilly day sounds so delightful! Thank you for sharing this sweet reminder of slowing down and thanking the Lord for His creation...


Anonymous said...

"BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!!! Sometimes we are so awed by the beautiful things in nature, that we simply have to be still and just delight in all He has done. He is so wonderful. So many lessons to be learned when we are still.