Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Israel: God’s Chosen People

I'm studying Israel for school right now, as well as watching a video series entitled "Against All Odds Israel Survives." From the material that I've seen, and from what I've read, it's quite clear that Israel really does survive against all odds. Why?

It's not the government that keeps them alive through literally everything. A good government can only go so far, and is often very twisted up and slightly confusing. Israel has a republic government very much like ours here in America (since America is a republic too, but a democratic one). There are only slight differences between us. For instance: Israel's president doesn't really govern the people – he's there just for ceremonial purposes. It's the Prime minister who really heads the government (and the cabinet.) They – being only a "republic" and not a "democratic republic"- also have a parliament. Otherwise, we are relatively the same….so government must not be the reason for their "good fortune."

Israel doesn't have a super economy to keep it going either. It's just a normal market economy – like ours. They aren't "rich" in agricultural resources, so they import them from other places – like any other country would do.

Could it be the army, then, that keeps Israel alive? Do they just have a very large army? They do have a strong army, but that couldn't be the reason for all their victories – strong armies have fallen before weaker ones in times past. But I will admit, this "phenomena" seems to have happened most when the Israeli army has been involved.

What could it be then? Through literally everything, Israel is still here today. The Holocaust failed to kill them, Pharaoh with his army failed to keep them in bondage, the nation has been scattered, but yet it's come back and is a nation today. Armies have tried to come against it, and failed.

Part of Israel is a desert land, and yet it grows crops for the Israelites. Israel has prospered.

It's miraculous. And that's the best way to explain it. Some of the happenings in Israel cannot be explained with our world's terms. They can be explained, though, in another "world's" terms. Many of the Jews know the answer, as well as many of the Christians who hear these happenings in Israel.

When looking for places to dig copper and iron mines, A man named Abraham Dor said these words about when he and his team found the richest veins of copper —"We come upon the slag and furnaces of ancient Israel. We often get the feeling that someone has just left." The Bible passage of Deuteronomy 8: 7-9 was a popular one in a lot of mining establishments: "For the Lord thy God bringeth thee into a good land; a land whose stones are iron and out of whose hills thou mayest dig copper."

Using Bible References was very common in Israel. In this case, some people were trying to figure out if it would be a good idea to plant a forest (The Forest Of Martyrs) on a certain hill. They found in the Bible that the hill had been a forest at one time. "Knowing that trees grow more easily where trees have flourished before," explained Professor Zohary of Hebrew University, "we rely on the Good Book."

During the "Six Day War" a fleet of Israeli tanks suddenly stopped, realizing they were in a mine field. It was dangerous to go forward, dangerous to go backward. Lives could be lost either way. The men began digging up the mines and disarming them – but who knew how long the field was? It could take forever, and they could die in the process. One of the men was praying that night, which was obviously the best thing that he could have done. Out of nowhere a strong wind came up and blew off a foot of topsoil – exposing all of the mines so that the fleet of tanks could move on unharmed. The wind, vanished after the mines were exposed.

In the Bible, Jonathan and his armor bearer went up – alone, or perhaps he was not alone, human strength runs out, but God's strength does not – and routed the enemy camp at Michmash. He climbed up something that resembled a cliff, most likely in plain sight of his enemies, and did his part to defeat the army for God's glory. That's what God can do with just two people. He can do more with even one!

It's obvious then, why Israel is still alive today. It's God, his tender, loving, merciful hands will always be guiding his chosen people. Look at all the other nations of the world, why doesn't Russia, Europe, Asia, and the United Sates, have such miraculous victories, performed by something more than super-human strength? Why is America going down the tubes? We used to be blessed like Israel. Israel is God's chosen nation, he blesses the Israelites – and those that choose Him.

Under God, America was blessed! God ALWAYS leads His own, but when the nation rejected Him in 1964, threw Him out of our public schools, threw Him out of politics and shunned Him; He left. As I've said before – He doesn't push His own agenda. He doesn't force us to do His will.

For about 200 years this nation has been blessed by God, but since 1964 things haven't been the same for us.

Okay, so America has rejected God and no longer has His blessing. He is no longer welcome in our country – despite the fact that we are considered a Christian nation. However, He can still be welcome in our hearts. All the miracles that have saved God's chosen people, Israel, through the years can be done for us and everyone who has decided to follow Him. He loves us. Think! The blessings that Israel has, we, young and insignificant as we are, can claim as our own.

I've decided to follow Jesus.


Hannah said...

I'm so happy for your decision to follow Christ. It is so important to have savaltion. You have made a great choice. I'm so glad for you!

By the way, I love your new profile, and blog! *hugs*

Love you!
In Christ,

Bailey said...

I don't believe America is God's "chosen people," but it's clear God's hand has been there from its foundation. The founding fathers (wish I had the exact quotes) recognized that the writing of the Constitution and the founding of America were supernaturally guided. And I think that's so true -- that God blesses those who seek to establish a nation on His principles.

I would just add that we should be careful about labeling the state Israel as God's chosen people. Modern day Israel is not following after Jehovah in terms of government...and we cannot claim brothership with those who reject Christ Jesus, the Messiah. I totally believe that the chosen people are those Jews united to Christ, the true Israel, as well as us Gentiles who are grafted in.

I'm not sure if you agree with that or not, but it sort of bugs me that Christians make such a big deal about people who claim they follow YHWH and yet reject Christ. Jesus Himself made it clear to the Pharisees that if they were really children of Abraham, they would recognize that Jesus was their Messiah. And Paul reiterated the same when he said, "He is not a Jew who is one outwardly" (i.e. by heritage or outward circumcision).

Just thinkin' out loud. Very well written post, by the way. You have a very keen insight and a strong, well-thought out way of saying it. Bravo, m'dear. :o)