Friday, September 10, 2010

Creatively Schooled....

Name: Kara

Age: 11

What were you doing before I came to talk to you?

"Reading and drinking tea."

What do you think "reading and drinking tea" would be like of you had four eyeballs, six armpits and eight arms?

"Say wha-?"

Believe it or not, this was an interview I, the respectable Freshman, Anna Pyatskowit, conducted for my High school-level "Health" assignment today.

My Health book is very "unique" as you might have guessed. It's all about - well - health, and strangely enough (compared to most schoolwork these days) it's about God too.

For this particular assignment I was sent on a mission, to ask the same sort of ridiculous questions that I asked my sister "Kara" in the half - finished interview above. I thought of a few different people to ask..

Name: Nola Leigh Arndt

Age: *shrugs mournfully* 52

What were you doing before I came to talk to you?

*Laughs* "Talking to your mother, or sleeping in the car - depends how far back you want to go!"

What do you think talking to my Mom or sleeping in the car would be like if you had 8 toes, a sunburn, 12 fingernails, 40 nostrils and 1 ear?

*Somberly.* "That's bad. I've already got one bad nostril.....I guess I could just get rid of the one and use the other 39. It was cold this morning, so I don't think I could get sunburned." (a listener put it: " More like frostbit!)

Why do you think God didn't design your body this way?

*She smiled* "He gave us Adequate."

What would you say if you woke up tomorrow morning and had 18 toes, a sunburn, 12 fingernails, 40 nostrils and 1 ear?

"Throw my shoes out for one thing...they wouldn't work for me anymore. I don't know how to answer all that other stuff - but I guess I wouldn't come out of the bedroom at all!"

This interview featured a wonderful Lady from church, who had just happened to stop in with her husband on her way home from a fishing trip. Of course, I probably wouldn't have interviewed her if (1) she hadn't been a home school Mom already, who most likely knew all-about creative writing/health assignments and the like. (2) I've known her all my life. Just so you don't think that I go up to random people and ask them ridiculous and startling questions. (Which would be exactly opposite of my somewhat quiet, polite and reserved nature.) *sniff sniff*

Another of my interviewees replied to my questions this way.....

Name: Mrs. Joel Pyatskowit

Age: *exaggerated sigh* 36

What were you doing before I came to talk to you?

*Closes eyes and replies blissfully* "Basking in the sunshine." (By the way, Mom hardly ever has time to "bask in the sunshine" so this was an extremely pleasant time for her.)

What do you think "basking in the sunshine" would be like if you had 3 ears, 2 noses, 6 legs and only 4 hairs that drooped down to your elbows?

"Well, it would definitely be an interesting experience. I would probably see more, but might be a little cold, only having four hairs and all. I could probably smell the trash cans from the gas station, and that wouldn't be good. How many legs did you say? (I replied "6") I would probably have gotten here faster, like a spider though..."

Why do you think God didn't design the human body this way?

"Because God knows best, and what we need, he has equipped us with."

What would you say if you woke up tomorrow morning and found that you had 3 ears 2 noses, 6 legs and only four hairs that drooped down to your elbows?

"I probably would wonder what was wrong with me and call the Doctor."

Thus ended my Creative Writing/Health assignment for the first two weeks of school. I'll have to admit: I truly enjoyed that assignment. It's nice to be strange sometimes - but only sometimes. There is a bible verse that goes "All things in moderation." Most people just look at the "moderation" part of that verse, but I like to look at the "All" in it as well, (if you know what I mean.)

Hopefully all of you that home school - and those of you who are not- are having as much fun as I am in your various "Health" assignments. Have a nice day!


Hannah said...

Very, very, unique, interesting interviews.

*clears throat* Why, may I ask, did you have to do that? Well, I know that you had an assignments...well, does my question make sense at all?? (I'm sure I wouldn't understand if I wasn't the person saying it..I have very weird sayings...well..weird ways of saying things, is what I meant to say...)


Bethany said...

Wow. Talk about interestingly weird. ;) Very creative questions you came up with! Although I'm secretly sighing with relief that you didn't ask me those questions. :D


Bailey said...

LOL! My health course doesn't sound remotely as crazy as this...and not as interesting.

Well, I can't have all the fun in life.

You know, if I had only four hairs drooping to my elbows, I think I would seek a counselor for self-esteem issues.

Maria said...

WOW. Talk about a unique program. Well, it was very entertaining to read. I think if I was like that I would never let anyone see me. I would be too embarrassed. We should get together soon Anaa. I am very bored.

Anonymous said...

I could see a lot better, need a whole lot more deodorant, and get a lot more done!!!! Mamaw