Monday, September 6, 2010

At Last.....Another Post

Hello my dear bloggers! It's so nice to be able to communicate with you again. :P I've been pretty busy lately with a trip to Montana, company from out-of-sate, cooking, (but you read about that) and school....and odd things, that take up varying amounts of time.

Ah, yes. The school schedule has been rather difficult for all of us I think. The first day went the best - because we hadn't started the daily trips to Appleton and back. (Due to our faithful computer who promptly broke down on us the week before school started.)

I started the day with four hours of math, stuck on chapter 18 of "Pre-Algebra." (Math-U-See edition.) Lovely. That took me until about 11:00.

Then, from 11:00 to 12:00 I joined the rest of the "School" for Geography class, in which we memorized the seven continents and five oceans.... I think they started us on a review or something.

Next, was lunch and phys-ed. By this time Kara had made up - and was singing - a song about her contempt of "Write Shop".

Mom had to run to the bank unexpectedly during phys-ed, so Kara, Isaac and I took a mile-long bike ride at our leisure. We breezed through that in about fifteen minutes. It was fun, and obviously, good exercise.

The other subjects went pretty well. I like all of them right now, with the exception of only three. That includes reading; the book "Mere Christianity" reminds me of a three-day-old, dried out, whole-wheat biscuit, which one might eat with a dribble of water. Math; Is a dreadful monster, green eyes, long, pointed tale, fiery breath - the whole works. Sat and College Prep; Isn't nearly as bad as the other two I have just mentioned, I guess I just don't like it.

Nonetheless, High-School is wonderful so far. I even like my English!

So, I guess this is it. 'Jest thought I'd stop by and say howdy, and give a little update on how every thing's going here. Keep us in your prayers, school plus everything else we normally do is pretty hectic.

God Bless!


Bethany said...

I think Kara should teach me that song. I'd sing at all day (anyone who goes through WriteShop goes through torture!!)

Anyways, I forgot (as usual) you were in Highschool *smacks head* Glad it's going good!

Bailey said...

Oh, the grand ol' adventure of WriteShop....

Okay, Mere Christianity isn't that bad. I scowled at some of his, er, "enlightened comments," but I always appreciate Lewis's writing style. Compared to the other theological diatribes I've read, MC is a piece of cake. (Instead of a dry cracker. Nice little metaphor you had going there!)

You've got me on SAT and college prep. I didn't start that till this year...and we've given up trying to make it an elective credit. Ironically, I'm taking the ACT instead.

And oh, dear, you poor thing...four hours of math is dreadful. It's unjust. It should be child abuse.

That's just my two cents. *HUG*

Maria said...

WOW Anna. You sound really crazy busy. I think homeschooling for high school would be terribly difficult. I think. Gotta hate Pre-Algebra. I just started Algebra 1. It's terrible. But, so far, so easy.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're going to have an interesting year, Anna. Jesus will be with you through all your studies. Love ya! Mamaw