Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guess what I'm doing today?

Cleaning my closet,
I'm going to die,
But Mom said I have to
....And thus, with a sigh....

I open the door
To the ultimate junk-heap
Pick up the broom
And begin glumly to sweep.

Cobwebs, old shoes,
Pretty skirts, smelly socks,
Papers, strings, needles,
A few sea-shells and rocks,

Cobwebs and spiders,
Big blobs of dust,
Baggies and wrappers,
A few old bread crusts

Silk roses, crunched papers,
Hair-clips and hair-spray,
Body lotion, shower jell,
-Wow this really makes my day! *sarcastic grin*

Picture frames, photo books,
Journals and pens,
A baby's binky and blanket,
- The sight truly offends.

Once a year I do this,
Yet filthy it remains,
My closet's downright awful,
For all the junk it contains.

I've tried and tried to keep it nice,
But forever it shall stay,
My faithful, dirty, closet,
Worse than a barn full of hay.

If ever I can conquor it,
And keep it through the years
I'll be a perfect housewife,
And ease all of Mamma's fears.


Menominee Maidens said...

*squeak* I just found a bag of croutons.

Bethany said...

Croutons? Ack - having a full course meal. :D

Our closet, though clean it might seem, is horrid in appearance carpet, clothes, and steel beam.



P.s. My poetic skills are dull - I love how you write your poems!

Bailey said...

LOL Way to put a positive spin to closet cleaning! I must say, while our room can get pretty bad, we don't eat croutons up there, so it's quite uneventful. Maybe you'll find that fifty dollar bill you forgot you lost.

Bailey said...

I LOVE your new blog look! Huzzah for Shabby Blogs and pre-made headers!

Zoe said...

Haha...Love your poem! Sounds horridly familiar! Mine is clean now though :) no croutons for me *grin*...just don't check under my bed!Um..guess it's not really that funny :( Mom just saw that YIKES.
Bye bye everyone! :0 See you in a couple hundred years.

Menominee Maidens said...

:O Goodness Bananabelle. - I myself think that a barn full of hay would actually be CLEANER than your closet....I really should check into that.


Anonymous said...

Lol Anna! It's not really that bad. But you are correct, I would rest much easier about the state of your future home, if I saw an improvement in the management of your closet! You actually are a very tidy, clean person, who loves a tidy, clean room; so I have faith that your home will be very tidy, elegant, and homey. ;0)

Sarah said...

You are a really good poet ! Loved the poem ! Sarah