Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Laundry By Moonlight

Yesterday, I was tired. I had worked very hard. .... Okay, maybe not - but I had gotten a few things done. I had settled down to read a Janette Oke book called "Love .... something." (You all know of that series by now I would suspect.)

I was interrupted by the familiar "call to laundry." The start of this call usually consisted of "Girls" (Kara and I are usually called by that name -yes, Becca is a girl too, but that name has always stuck to just Kara and I. Becca is called "Becca", Isaac called "Isaac" and Kara and I are called "Girls".)

Where were we? Ah-yes.

"G-i-r-l-s" Silence. "A-n-n-a and K-a-r-a" A Pause.

Kara replies for the both of us "W-H-A-T." It's more of a statement than a question- since we both almost know that it's the laundry call.

"Come help me put the laundry on the line."

"But, didn't we take it off early this morning because there is supposed to be a thunder storm?"

"Your Dad says it hasn't rained all-day, and that we should be safe for the night."

I close the book and lay it carelessly on the coffee table. Kara must be coming as well, because I can hear her feet on the creaky upstairs floor.

Pulling the door open, I walk out into the balmy, almost-night air. The sun has almost sunk. It would be a perfectly serene evening, if it weren't for the glaring lights at the gas station next door, and for the cars going past on the high-way. I laugh inwardly. Only Mom must be industrious enough to put clothes out on the line at bedtime just to stay ahead of the laundry.

I walk through the gate that someone has left open, and down the short sidewalk to the trampled grass around and under the clothesline.

Kara has come up behind me, and is picking up clothes, and digging into the clothespin bag. I follow her example. This job never lasts long when Mom and us "girls" are all working together.

Becca sits down in the clothes basket, chattering cheerfully.

Little bits of conversation are exchanged - everyone having a little to say. The topics are diverse as if blown to us by the little breeze, all of the words aren't proper, but who requires perfection? This is home. To me, this is all that home should be.

Rebecca grumps as she is told to get out of the laundry basket.

Birds twitter and coo, the tree branches sway gently.

Before long we're finished with the laundry, and are all going in. But still I linger for a little while, savoring the peace of the evening, and thinking about the small matters that have either bothered me, or been pleasant, or are completely new.

The confusion I felt over the loss of a friend, what my birthday might be like since I am going away to camp the week I turn fourteen, how short the remaining years of my schooling seems, etc. etc.

Then, slowly, I turn and follow the little procession before me, into the house.


Bethany said...

Very thoughtful. - I think "girls" is universal for the two eldest ladies. The youngers are always the "little girls". Actually, Daddy usually calls us ladies. :D



Bailey said...

LOL! I laughed at your explanation of "girls" - so true. And this line cracked me up: "Becca grumps as she is told to get out of the laundry basket."

I must say, Anna, that it was a good thing your mother called you away from such a hideously trashy book. ;) You know my feelings.

And I'm sorry, dear girl, about losing a friend and all that. ((hugs))

madhenmom said...

In my large family, it was the 2 youngest (my sister and myself) who were lumped together as 'the girls'. Now, it is possible that at some point before I was born, the older ones were 'the girls', but, it's just so hard for me to imagine them as girls. :)

I'm enjoying your writing, Anna!

Mrs. Stuewer

Menominee Maidens said...
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Menominee Maidens said...

In our family my oldest sister was called, "Tammy", my four older brothers were known as "The boys", and I and my two younger sisters were affectionately known as "The girls". I guess old habits get passed on.

Katie said...

Hey, "girls" is better than being called "the big girls". There are five girls in my family, I have honors and disadvantages of being the oldest. The three oldest girls-which are the three oldest siblings- are known as the "big girls". The other two are the little girls.
I think maybe why everyone says, "girls", "little girls", "big girls", etc. is because we're too lazy to say all the names. It's easier to say "girls" and such. Why waste your breath on six syllables when you can just say one or two? :-) LOL

Oh, yeah, Flop, when you said your dad calls you guys-er, gals ladies, I pictured him saying that. He says that to us, too, so I can easily imagine that. I think it would sound weird if somebody else said that, but...your pops sounds natural saying it.


Congrats, Anna, on your blog. I'm so glad I can I can comment now!

Stacy and Sarah said...

I know how you feel about the... "girls?" We get the same call here! LOL! I'm glad the calmness of the evening gave you the oppurtunity to reflect. God's nature is so relaxing and a great place to think. ~ Stacy