Monday, May 31, 2010


My dear blog followers,

Thank you so much for coming to look at my blog. I was a bit skeptical about starting one of my own, but now I'm excited about it.

Now you all get to here about the various: strange, wonderful, beautiful, horrible, perfect, awful, dreamy, pleasant, in-between, and downright great, things that happen to me and my family. (There are many.)

Just so you know (in case you don't) I will probably mention my family members in the posts I hope to write in the future, so I'll tell you who's-who right now. (There is no time like the present.)

Dad, is the best man on earth - to me of course. I'm sure all of you think the same of your Dads. He has been through many of the same things that I have been through. Sometimes I wonder if God let him go through those things just so he'd know how to help me.

Mom, is a wonderful lady, pastor's wife,counsellor, mother, etc. etc. She can whip a house into order, cook delicious, healthy, food, keep reasonably calm while rushing one or more of her children into the Emergency Room, is a wonderful school-teacher, and is always giving me much-needed advice.

Then there's Kara. She's been my companion ever since I was two. She is the exact opposite of me. She climbs trees, outruns people that are MUCH older than her, cooks well, sews, reads like books are going out of style, and is a caring, loving soul when her big sister's heart is *broken.*

Isaac, is the only boy in the family. He's so "boy" that it's more having six boys in the house instead of only one. He loves football, anything rough, is an expert at ruining his pants, and has a huge imagination. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Now for the caboose: Miss Rebecca. She is a perfect picture of healthy life. Age four, Twinkling dark brown eyes, a contagious laugh, a voice to die for (it's SO cute when she sings) and a love for her family. That sums her up.

I guess this will do for the first post on my blog.

God Bless.


Bailey said...

How on earth?? How DARE you shock me to death like that in your email! Congratulations, my dear girl - I get to be the first of many commenters. Do you know how terribly excited I am about this? More excited than my own blog...if that's possible.

Now I must go shout from the rooftops that Anna Pyatskowit has a blog. Here I go.

Bethany said...

She wasn't kidding either. She completely scared me to death screaming that Anna had a blog! Of course I ran out of the garden and went down to the computer to investigate...yikes...still got dirt all over my hands...

Excited for you!!

To many more exciting posts. :D



Menominee Maidens said...

lol:) You two are hilarious. Thanks for visiting my blog - an leaving such interesting comments.

Menominee Maidens said...

Congratulations on your new blog, Anna. I look forward to hearing about your wonderful, exciting, and adventurous life! You are a dear.

Lizzy said...

Congrats Anna! I'm so happy for you. Looking forward to seeing more posts! :D

Stacy and Sarah said...

Awesome! Way to go Anna! You will be such an amazing writer. Did Bailey's blog inspire you? Personally, ever since I've gotten connected to all these blogs, I've concluded that having my own blog would be pretty fun too. ( But, will it ever happen is the question?) Excited to read more posts! Again, nice work! Sincerely, Stacy

Erin said...

Yay! Congratulations...I'm looking forward to reading your posts! :)

Elissa said...

YAY! I can't wait to read more from you Anna!! Welcome to blogdom! :D


Menominee Maidens said...

Thanks everyone. :) 'Tis nice of you all to welcome me, so warmly, into this new adventure. ;)